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Space Diversity

[Chiny] Fingerprint Door Lock / Biometric Lock

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Basic Features:

1. Convenient One-Touch System: Simply touch the scanner with your fingertip without any risk of being stolen or copied like cards or keys can. Remembering any password is optional. It offers both security and convenience.

2. Security First Design: Designed to comply with the global fire and security regulations. The door can always be opened form the inside providing a quick exit in case of an emergency or fire.

3. Easy-to-operate Key Pad: User registration, deletion, and mode programming are done through the keypad. All operations can be complete in about 10 seconds and does not require any special skill or training.

4. Remarkable Durability: The lock has a virtually unbreakable and scratch resistant sensor window. The optical prism is high-impact resistant and can be adapted for outside use under severe environmental conditions. It is highly anti-static and resistant against physical damages. It will resist normal man-made damages like scratches, hammering and vandalism.

5. Optional Key Entry (LP-802A): As an additional feature a standard key lock can be mounted into the handle mechanism. This provides the option of using a key as an override for malfunctioning units.

6. Remote Branches: Infrared remoter and other audio-video apparatuses could be added to the lock system.

7. Memory Capacity: Capacity up to 99 different fingerprints.

8. Safety "Dead Bolt": You may bolt the door by turning the safety bolt knob inside. Anyone else cannot open it from outside.

9. Power Supply: The lock powered by 5 AA 1.5V alkaline batteries. The power consumption is extremely low and it can support 4000 operations. For a typical family these batteries will last 6-12 months. High quality long life alkaline batteries are recommended.

10. Stand-by Power Supply: Two stand-by external power supply sockets beneath the key pad. In case of low battery you can plug in a standard 9 volt battery into this socket and LP-802A will allow you to unlock the door using your fingerprint.

11. Malicious Operation-forbidden: Input wrong fingerprint more than five times would activate the system dormancy for 5 minutes to protect against any intentional malicious operation of the lock.

12. Modern Appearance and Advanced Biomechanical Design: Combines a modern appearance with a slightly futuristic biomechanical design.
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Space Diversity

Ulica:No. 319, East Hubin RD
Kod pocztowy:361012
Telefon: +86 592 5379712
Faks: +86 592 5042000

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Imię i Nazwisko: Mandy Mao
Telefon stacjonarny: +86 592 5379712
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